SA Paribahan Courier Branch Name & Address

Kakrail Branch (Head Office)

Address: 22-23, Kakrail, Shantinagar Road, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01755512601, 01755512602, 01755512603, 01755512604, 01755512605
Phone Number: 9351467, 9332052, 9356581, 9356619
Fax Number: 9334730, 9341237,8315341, 9359489

Elephant Road Branch

Address: 334,347, Elephant Road, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Mohammad Ullah Khan
Mobile Number: 01755512650

Mirpur Branch

Address: 92, Senpara, Mirpur, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Md.Ruhul Amin
Mobile Number: 01755512646-48

Malitola Branch

Address: 93-99, M.s. Complex, Malitolai, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Asaduzzaman Asad
Mobile Number: 01755512634-36

Mohakhali Branch

Address: D-5/1A, Rasulbagh, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Alomgir Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755-512638

Uttara Branch

Address: House-20, Sector-6, Alaul Avenue, Uttara, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Golam Mustfa
Mobile Number: 01755-512642

Savar, Baipail Branch

Address: Baipail, Savar (Near D. E.P. Z).
Contact Person: Wahidul Aziz Chowdhury (Wasim)
Mobile Number: 01755512662

Lalmatia Branch

Address: 4/2 Lalmatia, B-Block Oppositive of Bank Asia, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01766688329

Supreme Court Branch

Address: Supreme Court Point, Dhaka.
Contact Person: Edmdadul Hoque
Mobile Number: 01755512654

Narayanganj Branch

Address: 119, Bangbandhu Sarak, Aman Bhaban, Narayangonj.
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01755512658-60

Mymensingh Branch

Address: 21/A, C.K Ghosh Road, Mymensingh.
Contact Person: Manager – Md. Mobin
Mobile Number: 01755512666

Jamalpur Branch

Address: Station Road, Near Fire Service, Jamalpur.
Contact Person: Manager – Kamal Uddin
Mobile Number: 01755512674-76

Kishoreganj Branch

Address: In front of Thana, Kishoreganj.
Contact Person: Manager – Md. Tazul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512670

Tangail Branch

Address: Old Bus Stand, Mymensingh Road, Tangail.
Contact Person: Tajul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512679-80

Netrokona Branch

Address: Behind Of Anjuman School, Mokterparakk, Netrokona.
Contact Person: Ismail Hossain
Mobile Number: 0176668809

Gazipur Branch

Address: Dhaka-Mymensingh Road 2 Bogra, Gazipur.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

Sirajgonj Branch

Address: New Dhaka Road, Bazar Station, Sirajgonj.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

Faridpur Branch

Address: 96/97, Sheikh Mujib Rd. Faridpur.
Contact Person: Abdul Halim
Mobile Number: 01755512869-71

SA Paribahan Branch List in Chittagong Division

Chittagong is our business capital. Every day there have a lot of products come to the Chittagong port form different countries. Chittagong has great demand of courier service to deliver those products to the customer. SA Paribahan is meeting most of this demand. Not only business, citizen of this city is also relying on this courier company. Here, we attached contact number & address of all the branches.

Kazirdewri Branch

Address: 120, Nur Ahmed Sarak, Kazir Doewri, Chittagong.
Contact Person: Morshed Alam Chowdhury
Mobile Number: 01755512682, 01755512683, 01755512685

CEPZ Branch

Address: Near C.E.P.Z. Gate, Chittagong.
Contact Person: Nazrul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512708-10

Nasirabad Branch

Address: 1005/4, C.D.A. Nasirabad Chittagong.
Contact Person: Abdul Hai
Mobile Number: 01755512696-97

Nasirabad Branch

Address: 1005/4, C.D.A. Nasirabad Chittagong.
Contact Person: Abdul Hai
Mobile Number: 01755512696-97

Doniala Para Branch

Address: M.S. Complex, Dewanhat, Chittagong.
Contact Person: M.A Mobin
Mobile Number: 01755512700-02

Khatunganj Branch

Address: Amin Market (Ground Floor) Khatungonj, Chittagong.
Contact Person: Shariful Ismail
Mobile Number: 01755512712-14

Cox’s Bazar Branch

Address: Hotel Holyday (Ground Floor) Cox’s Bazar.
Contact Person: Emran Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512716-18

Kornel Hat Branch

Address: House # A/1 8 D.T Road, Cornelhat, Chittagong.
Contact Person: Zakir Hossain Akhanda
Mobile Number: 01755512736-37

Comilla Branch

Address: Laksam Road, Kandirpar, Comila.
Contact Person: Kamal Hossan
Mobile Number: 01755512748-50

Feni Branch

Address: Mohipal S.S.K. Road, Feni.
Contact Person: Kazi Niamot Ullah
Mobile Number: 01755512740-42

Chowmuhani Branch

Address: Karimpur Road, Chowmuhani, Noakhali.
Contact Person: Kazi Amir Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512744-46

Maijdee Branch

Address: Press Club Market, Maijdee Court, Noakhali.
Contact Person: Nurul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512752-53

Rangamati Branch

Address: 92, Nobarupa, Rangamati Pharbbatta Zila Rangamati.
Contact Person: Didarul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512720-22

Chandpur Branch

Address: Soudia Complex, Chttralekha More, Haji Mohsin Road, Chandpur.
Contact Person: Ismail Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512756-78

Khagrachhori Branch

Address: Narikal Bagan, Khagrachhori.
Contact Person: Sujit Barua
Mobile Number: 01755512728-29

Keranirhat Branch

Address: Near Satkania Thana, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar Road, Keranirhat.
Contact Person: Kamal Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512724-25

Agrabad Branch

Address: 2374, Agrabad Ex. Road, Agrabad, Chittagong.
Contact Person: Mossaraf Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512704-06

Laxmipur Branch

Address: Uttar Temuhani, Main Road, Laxmipur.
Contact Person: Monjur Rashed
Mobile Number: 01755512760-62

Chokoria Branch

Address: Poura Super Market Bus Stand, Chokoria.
Contact Person: Shahidul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512732-34

Sonaimuri Branch

Address: Snehonir, purba Bypass Road Sonaimuri, Noakhali.
Contact Person: Kamruzzaman
Mobile Number: 01766688301-03

Hajigonj Branch

Address: Toragor­­­, Purba Bazar (Front Of Monir Petrol Pump Hajigonj), Chandpur.
Contact Person: Moh. Hossain
Mobile Number: 01766688305-07

Chatkhil Branch

Address: Hospital Road, Kadra Chatkhil, Noakhali.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

Hatajari Branch

Address: Hatajari, Chittagong.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

Baroierhat Branch

Address: Jahanara Complex, Old Dhaka- CTG Road, Baroierhat.
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01766688336-37

Bandarban Branch

Address: K.B Road, Kabiraj Para, Bandarban.
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01766688341-42

Chatkhil Branch

Address: Hospital Road, Kadra, Noakhali.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

Hathazari Branch

Address: Abdul Hamid Market, Potia main road (Beside Petrol Pump).
Contact Person: N/A
Mobile Number: 01766688363

SA Paribahan Branch List in Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi is a city of mango. Mango is the signature product of Rajshahi. This division also uses a courier service for delivering agricultural as well as normal product. Here, we attached all the contact numbers of every branch of Rajshahi.

Rajshahi Branch

Address: 104/106, kumarpara, Rajshahi.
Contact Person: Mahbubur Rahman
Mobile Number: 01755512808, 01755512809

Pabna Branch

Address: A. Hamid Road. Pabna.
Contact Person: Kamal Uddin
Mobile Number: 01755512832-33

Bogra Branch

Address: Mofiz Paglar more, Bogra.
Contact Person: Humayun Kabir
Mobile Number: 01755512820-22

Natore Branch

Address: Kanaikhali, Natore.
Contact Person: Abu Yousuf Millon
Mobile Number: 01755512824-25

Naogaon Branch

Address: J.R. Super Market, Old Bus Stand, Chakdeb, Naogaon.
Contact Person: Golam Faruk
Mobile Number: 01755512828-30

Chapainawabganj Branch

Address: Nimtola road, New Islam pur, Chapainawabgonj.
Contact Person: Abul Kashem
Mobile Number: 01755512816-18

Baneswar Branch

Address: Front of South East Bank, Old Kola Hata, Baneswar Bazar, Rajshahi.
Contact Person: Didarul Islam Kamal
Mobile Number: 01755512812

Iswardi Branch

Address: Thanapara Front of Thana , Pabna Road Iswardi.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number: 01766688325-26

SA Paribahan Branch List in Rangpur Division

It is the northern side of Bangladesh. This side is most popular for its agricultural development. To deliver the agricultural products, people use courier service most. If you are looking for the contact address of every branch of Rangpur, then collect from below.

Rangpur Branch

Address: 116, Old Hostipal Road Rangpur.
Contact Person: Kazi Firuj Alom
Mobile Number: 01755512881-83

Syedpur Branch

Address: Dr. Zikrul Hoque Road Dyedpur.
Contact Person: Syed Hossain Tuhin
Mobile Number: 01755512885-87

Dinajpur Branch

Address: New Market, Thana Road, Dinajpur.
Contact Person: Nazmul Hoque
Mobile Number: 01755512889-91

Lalmonirhat Branch

Address: Misson More TNT road, Lalmonirhat.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number: 01766688373-74

Kurigram Branch

Address: Goshpara, Hospital Road, Kurigram.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number:

SA Paribahan Branch List in Khulna Division

Khulna is also a large division. There have a lot of industries in Khulna. For this reason, there has a lot of demand of courier in Khulna. Here, you can find all the contact number & address of Khulna branches.

Khulna Branch

Address: 73, Lower Jessore Road, Khulna.
Contact Person: Siddikur Rahman Babul
Mobile Number: 01755512768

Khalishpur Branch

Address: Natun Rasta, Kashipur More, Khalishpur, Khulna.
Contact Person: Abdul Motaleb
Mobile Number: 01755512772

Jessore Branch

Address: 1, M.K. Road,Rownak Chamber Jessore.
Contact Person: Mikail Sarder
Mobile Number: 01755512776

Kushtia Branch

Address: 1, Jourdar Street, N.S. Road, Thanapara, Kushtia.
Contact Person: Shah Jahan
Mobile Number: 01755512804

Noapara Branch

Address: 545/715, Bhuikara, Noapara, Jessore.
Contact Person: Mutiul Islam
Mobile Number: 01755512784

Satkhira Branch

Address: Near Roxi Cinema Hall, Old Bus Stand.
Contact Person: Ayub Ali
Mobile Number: 01755512780

Bagerhat Branch

Address: 122, Old Market, Main Road Front of Post Office, Bagerhat.
Contact Person: Nur Alam
Mobile Number: 01755512792

Magura Branch

Address: Vhina More, Magura.
Contact Person: Kh.Salim Reza
Mobile Number: 01755512788

Jhenaida Branch

Address: Augnibina Sarak, Jhenaida.
Contact Person: Abul Hashem
Mobile Number: 01755512800

Benapool Branch

Address: Madrasa Market, Main Road, Benapool.
Contact Person: Abdul Latif
Mobile Number: 01755512796

SA Paribahan Branch List in Sylhet Division

Sylhet is a city of tea. Demand for courier service is increasing day by day for delivering the tea. Other industries as well as people also use courier every day. We attached all the contact numbers of every branch of Sylhet here.

Zindabazaar Branch

Address: 3/1, Kazi Mansion, Zindabazar, Sylhet.
Contact Person: Shah Alam Majumder
Mobile Number: 01755512836-39

Moulovibazar Branch

Address: Sylhet Road, Moulovibazar.
Contact Person: Manager-Shafiqur Rahman Babu
Mobile Number: 01755512845-47

Sreemongal Branch

Address: Moulavibazar Road, Sreemongal.
Contact Person: Shah Jahan Sajo
Mobile Number: 01755512849-51

Kadamtoli Branch

Address: Kadamtoli Sylhet.
Contact Person: Khoshruzzaman
Mobile Number: 01755512841-42

B.Baria Branch

Address: Kalibari More, B-Baria.
Contact Person: Nasirat Alam Mazumder
Mobile Number: 01755512764-66

Chhatok Branch

Address: Chhatok Bazar, Chhatok.
Contact Person: Abu Yousof Millan
Mobile Number: 01755512857

Hobigonj Branch

Address: Sadar Road, Hobigonj.
Contact Person: Altaf Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512853-55

Sunamgonj Branch

Address: Old Bus Stand, Sunamgonj.
Contact Person: Mosarof Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512861-63

Gobindogong Branch

Address: Sunamgong Road, Gobindogong, Sylhet.
Contact Person: Abdur Razzak Mansion
Mobile Number: 01755512857

Beanibazar Branch

Address: Main Road, North Beanibazar (In front of Thana), Beanibazaar.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number: 01766688317-20

Bhairab Branch

Address: Kishoreganj District.
Contact Person:
Mobile Number: 01712-253983

SA Paribahan Branch List in Barisal Division

The city by the sea. Here, the transport system is not so well by road. SA Paribahan make a huge impact for its fast delivery system in Barisal. You can find all the contact number & address of Barisal branches here.

Jhalokathi Branch

Address: 62, Post Office Road Jhalokathi.
Contact Person: Abul Hossain
Mobile Number: 01755512874-75

Pirojpur Branch

Address: Parer Hat Road (In front of Sorkari Mohila College), Pirojpur.
Contact Person: Shafiqur Rahman
Mobile Number: 01755512877-79

Barisal Main Branch

Address: 123/112, Sayestabad Loz, Nawab Bari, Police Line Road, Barisal.
Contact Person: Liton Sutra Dhar
Mobile Number: 01755512865


In this post, we just want to facilitate you to find all the numbers and contact address easily. Our website will always be updated with so many important and reliable information you want. If they make any changes to their number and address, we will update here. Stay with us and stay updated.

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